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Timepicker (utility) MOD

by Jon Matterson

NOTE: Because of formatting issues on the Xtras site, this README may be better viewed at:

This extension provides a helper for adding timepickers (using the jQuery Timepicker plugin) to input elements collecting time values. It is intended as a utility for extension writers, skin designers and sim manager comfortable with modifying Nova's view files, and it does not provide any changes to Nova on its own.


This extension requires:

  • Nova 2.6+


Copy the entire directory into applications/extensions/timepicker.

Add the following to application/config/extensions.php:

$config['extensions']['enabled'][] = 'timepicker';


The simplest way to enable a timepicker is simply to add data-timepicker as an attribute on an element. This will initialize a jQuery.timepicker with no options.

To pass options, simply JSON-encode them (with escaped quotes) as the value of data-timepicker such as:

These can also be written to be passed to the input helper such as:

  'name' => 'chronological_mission_post_time',
  'id' => 'chronological_mission_post_time',
  'data-timepicker' => str_replace('"', '"', json_encode([
    'timeFormat' => 'HHmm',
    'defaultTime' =>  $post ? $post->post_chronological_mission_post_time : '0000'
  'value' => $post ? $post->post_chronological_mission_post_time : '0000'

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Jon Matterson
No ratings
03 April 2019