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Endeavour Blue Skin

by Matt

This skin will not work on servers running PHP 7+.

The Endeavour Blue skin was designed for my own sim at the time, the USS Endeavour, and was based off the website of the now-defunct USS Yorktown of Bravo Fleet. The skin has since been updated to include an updated version of my infobox mod, and to make use of centralised skin files in the _global directory, with overrides for each of the sections skins.

The .PSD file for the background image has been included, and has a number of blackout gradients and the scanlines that lay over the image already present.

  1. Download and unzip the file.
  2. Upload the 'applications' directory to the root of your Nova installation.
  3. Go to Skin Catalogue on your site and install the skin.
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29 January 2016
Last Updated
10 July 2020