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Infobox MOD

by Matt

This MOD will not work on servers running PHP 7+.

The infobox mod is designed to be added above the sub-nav of a sim's skin to display the name and date of birth of the user logged in, as well as information on their main character, including their primary bio image, character name, rank and position(s).

Follow the instructions in the instructions.txt file included in the download.

1.0 - Initial release. Included in Dark Frontier skin.
1.1 - Updated code to add logic to only display text if there is a value there. Also modified the character name output to link to that character's bio page. Separated out to its own mod for inclusion in other skins.
2.0 - With assistance from David, upgrades have been made to the mod to leverage the built-in Nova models and controllers, which should also make sure it works regardless of the database prefix or genre you have set

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29 January 2016
Last Updated
03 February 2017