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LCARS Nova Skin

by LadyBird

LCARS Nova is a skin based on the LCARS skin for SMS 2.3. It includes the PSD header image so you can put your simm's name on the header if you wish. If you do not, no editing is needed. It is exclusively for Star Trek.

NOTE: It MUST be named lcarsnova or it will not work. All lowercase, with an underscore mark,

  1. Enter the information for your site into a new site in FileZilla or your chosen FTP program. This tells the program where to put your skin.

  2. The left window shows files on your computer. Open it to the place where your skin is kept.

  3. The right window shows where your skin will go. You should see application and nova. Open it to application>views. That is the skin folder.

  4. Drag and drop your skin into the right window. Remember, it MUST be named lcars_nova to work.

When that is done, log into your site.

  1. Under Site Management on your submenu, go to Skin Catalogue. You should see the skin at the top with a button that says Install.

  2. Click the install button.


1.0 Created the skin 1.1 Changed all the buttons to be soft gradient only. 1.2 Changed the main menu to line up with the header better.

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26 November 2014
Last Updated
29 May 2019