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Because of the nature of downloading and uploading content with AnodyneXtras, it is not available on mobile devices. If you want to browse, search, and upload, please use a laptop or desktop computer.

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Apnea Skin

by Shayne

Due to an error on Xtras loading the Apnea file you can download it at an alternate link here: Copy this into your URL bar and unzip, same instructions apply.

Here is a dark Pulsar skin based off of Prometheus's Default. Comes preloaded with header backgrounds and a panel pattern, and I've shuffled the template file of Pulsar's wiki page around to include Lightness's recent pages/updated pages header.

Upload and unzip the file into your /views directory, and then click Skin Catalogue on Nova's front end. Press Install and then hit Site Options to set the skin Apnea. The preview images should work as well.

Skin was originally proprietary to Prometheus but I've decided to release a dark version to kick off my Xtras account. Re-released with updates for link colors, text decorations, tables, and a fix pointed out by @goldun for logged-out containers.

In order to download Xtras, you must have an AnodyneID. You can log in or register your AnodyneID.


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30 July 2019
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31 August 2019