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To The Ground Skin

by Shayne

This is a skin based off of Lightness, featuring interior decorating on Mars! Just kidding. It's red. A dusty, minimalist-style skin that replaces the traditional Admin Control Panel, Thresher and Writing Control Panel with infoboxes instead, which you can check out in the previews.

Upload and unzip the file into your /views directory, and then click Skin Catalogue on Nova's front end. Press Install and then hit Site Options to set the skin To The Ground.

This skin is more involved than my previous ones. Although it comes populated with basic data, in /admin and /wiki there are three separate pages that need to be accessed (via file manager) if you wish to customize the messages.

Navigate to /admin/pages/admin_index.php to edit the three information boxes replacing the Admin Control Panel. There are comments that tell you exactly where to go. Next, navigate to /admin/pages/write_index.php and repeat the process. Finally navigate to wiki/pages/wiki_index.php to complete your setup.

Thanks to @Kate for pointing this out to me. This skin will also show your basic notifications such as Saved Entries, Private Messages and Pending Applications above the Users Online bar.

In order to download Xtras, you must have an AnodyneID. You can log in or register your AnodyneID.


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02 September 2019
Last Updated
20 April 2020