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Nova ReCaptcha 2 MOD

by Azmaria

Adds Google's "I'm not a Robot" ReCaptcha v2 to your contact us and join pages to prevent spam.

Step 1 – go to and sign up. You'll need the keys here for later.

Step 2 – In folder /application/controllers/ Check and see if you have a file there called 'main.php'. If so, rename 'main.php' to 'main.php.bak' to back it up. Then upload 'autoload.php', '', and the new 'main.php'. Unzip ''.

Step 3 – Open file 'main.php' and on line 42 enter your secret key from step one in the indicated location.

Step 4 – In folder /application/views/_base_override/main/pages if the file exists, rename 'main_contact.php' to 'main_contact.php.bak'. Upload the new 'main_contact.php'. Do the same for main_join_2.php.

Step 5 – Open file 'main_contact.php' and on line 41 enter your site key from step one in the indicated location. Repeat for file main_join_2.php at line 130.

Step 6 – Enjoy no longer receiving spam on your contacts and join pages!

1.0 Modified core files to make it work. 1.1 Now doesn't modify core files so will stick around through an update. 2.0 Adds reCaptcha to the Join Page.

In order to download Xtras, you must have an AnodyneID. You can log in or register your AnodyneID.


22 June 2015
Last Updated
04 May 2018