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Currency Mod MOD

by Emily

This Xtra is not available at this time.

This mod calculates an in-game currency for players based on the number of mission posts made by a character. This mod is in early stages of development and the information is static (meaning there is no way to subtract or exchange currency in-game).

Installation without personnel_character.php page

If you do not have a personnel_index.php file in /application/views/_base_override/main/pages, follow the steps below:

  1. Downloading personnel_index.php file from this directory
  2. Upload the file to your Nova's /application/views/_base_override/main/pages directory

This template file is the same format as the default view located in /nova/modules/core/views/_base/main/pages. If you have a different or custom personnel_index.php file, disregard the instructions above and follow the next step.

Installation with personnel_character.php page

If you have a personnel_index.php file in /application/views/_base_override/main/pages, follow the steps on GitHub.


If you need any help installing or customizing this skin, please join the Anodyne Productions Discord and use room #xtras. Otherwise, direct message me on Discord (@Emily#6153) or send me an email.


The Nova Currency Mod was designed by Emily Wolf for the Nova 2 system created by Anodyne Productions. Edits are permissible so long as the original credits remain intact.

In order to download Xtras, you must have an AnodyneID. You can log in or register your AnodyneID.


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06 January 2020
Last Updated
07 August 2020