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Personnel Cards MOD

by Emily

This mod does not support manifest toggles (ex: open positions) or sub-departments. Check back for future updates!

This mod employ's a material design "card" to display characters on the personnel index page of a Nova simulation. This mod will display the character's picture (without need for cropping!), rank, name, and position. It also uses labels to state how many posts the character has, if the character is a NPC, if the character is on LOA/ELOA, as well as the user that plays the character.

Do not forget to read the README.txt file!

Warning: this will override any and all personnel index pages for all of the skins on your website!

  1. Upload the personnel.php file located in this folder to your simulation's /application/controllers folder. (If you have previously edited the personnel controller, copy/paste your previous mods into the new file.)
  2. Navigate to the /application/views/_base_override/main/pages folder and upload the personnel_index.php file.
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15 June 2015
Last Updated
05 August 2020