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18+ Content Filter MOD

by Jonathan

Intended for sims with 18+ ratings that may want to protect a young-than-intended audience from reading their content, this modification will replace the content of a mission post or personal log with this message: "Due to material that may not be appropriate for all ages, you must be a member and logged in to view this content."


This idea was originally provided by a user on the Anodyne Productions Forum by the name of TheDrew on Sunday, September 25, 2016. Unfortunately, he has not been active since 2017 on Anodyne's Forum. His coding worked, and I felt it was a good idea to add it to the Anodyne Xtras site. You can find his original code at the following:

I have adjusted the code to simplify it. Rather than multiple flag words/terms, I have consolidated it down to just one (as seen in the instructions below).

There are two different sets of files for two different purposes. Please, read the instructions fully and decide which method you wish to use.


This modification to Nova will cause the system to display an alternate message rather than the posts or logs. This is intended for 18+ sims, or those sims that feel that their content may not be appropriate for all ages. If you wish to protect a younger-than-intended public from content they should not be viewing, then simply upload the "sim_viewpost.php" and "sim_viewlog.php" files from the "full blocking" folder into the following Nova directory:


Once uploaded, you will then be required to login in order to read the full mission posts or logs. The logs and posts will be replaced by the following message until you are logged in:

"Due to material that may not be appropriate for all ages, you must be a member and logged in to view this content."

This will not change the short text that appears on the main page under "Latest Personal Logs" or "Latest Mission Posts." Those shortened beginnings will still appear. This will stop the general public from reading the full log, thereby protecting unintended audiences from gaining access to adult-level materials.


If you wish to give your writers or yourself the OPTION to block content rather than blocking content completely, then upload the files "sim_viewpost.php" and "sim_viewlog.php" from the "optional blocking" folder into the same directory:


For any post with 18+ content, simply use the "Tags" bar at the bottom of the post writing page, and add "18+", it will then block the content of that post by reading the flag word. This will allow you to display posts that do not contain adult material freely, while protecting unintended readers from accessing the logs you do not want to publicly display.

As always, before doing any of this, you should make copies of the original files before replacing them, so that you can put it back if you do not like the result.

1.0) Initial Upload

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24 October 2018
Last Updated
07 December 2018