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Sort By Timeline MOD

by Jonathan

Some times posts are published out of order. This file is modified to sort by timeline data rather than publishing date & time. Thereby, keeping stories in order of story rather than order of publishing.


This file will change the way Nova sorts published posts.

Rather than by publishing date, this file will cause Nova to sort by Timeline information. In order to sort by Timeline, the information must exist in a sequential manner.

The best way to do this is for the first number to be the lowest.

If working with MD (mission day), then MD01 would be the best start. If you think you group might get to one hundred mission days, start with MD001.

It is recommended that you go through your old posts BEFORE uploading the file so that you may ensure either that sequential order is achieved. If you upload the file before ensuring sequential order, it may disorder your old missions and posts.

See photos for examples of sequential items.

1) Go to the file folder. (nova -> modules -> core -> models) 2) Be sure to save a copy of the original file (nova_posts_model.php) before proceeding. 3) Upload the modified file provided, allowing it to overwrite the existing file.

1.1 ) Updated recommendations for sequential post ordering, and updated example photo to match.

1.2) Updated file to compensate for "recent posts" being out of order. The file was sorting MD01 for Mission 1 next to MD01 for Mission 2. Adjusted so that the file will sort first by Mission then by Timeline in order to show the most recent posts accurately.

1.3) Updated file to remove sorting by mission first, then timeline. Mod will now sort by timeline only. This is useful for running concurrent (simultaneous) missions. In the Admin Control Panel and "Latest Mission Posts" tab, the posts will now appear in timeline order, regardless of which mission the posts are in. See example image provided.

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15 May 2018
Last Updated
24 October 2018