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ExtensionManager MOD

by Moriel Schottlender

An extension for Nova2 that adds a graphical interface to manage other extensions. Using this extension saves the site admin the trouble of editing config files every time you want to install or uninstall an extension.


To install this extension, follow these steps:

Since the documentation here have formatting issues, please see installation instructions

  1. Download the ExtensionManager files and extract them into application/extensions/ExtensionManager
  2. Find the file application/config/extensions.php and, at the end, add the code that appears in the instructions at

(I did not include the code here because it appears completely mangled. Please make sure to copy the code properly from the above link)

You should now have a menu item in your admin control panel for "Manage Extensions".

PLEASE NOTE If you had any previous extensions that were enabled through the config/extensions.php file, they will need to be re-enabled through the manager. NOTE #2: Make sure that the declaration of the ExtensionManager is the last thing in the config/extensions.php file, and that no extensions are declared as enabled after that declaration.


With this extension, you will no longer need to touch the configuration file when installing other extensions.

If you want to install another extension, you'll need to download and extract it into the application/extensions/EXTENSION_NAME and you won't need to do anything else in the folders.

To manage your extensions, go to your Control Panel, and look for "Manage Extensions" link. This is where you can enable and disable available extensions.


In order to download Xtras, you must have an AnodyneID. You can log in or register your AnodyneID.


Moriel Schottlender
17 April 2019
Last Updated
16 August 2019