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Empathy Skin

by Phoebe Cohen

This is a minimalist skin that uses a custom ACP and main_index and wiki_index pages. When you install this you'll have to go modify empathy/admin/pages/admin_index.php and add your own lil messages. You'll do the same thing with empathy/main/pages/main_index.php in adding your little blurbs. Your site messages will show up on the main page though so don't worry about any of that. Just add some blurby things. wiki/pages/wiki_index.php, same thing. Add your database message where it says.

Thanks to AP for helping me out with calling in the proper URLs!

If you like the Empathy skin but you want to use all the normal stuff instead of the custom pages, you can delete the custom pages, but I'm afraid I don't really know what the default ACP is on it if you get rid of the minimal one, so you can play around with your own colors if you want (if it's hideous, I did try and do it from memory to make it bearable lol but I haven't tested it).

Everything else if you don't want it (admin, main) just delete those pages in the Empathy folder and it'll go back to normal.

Just upload to your server, unzip and install like normal.

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Phoebe Cohen
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27 June 2015